A Vintage Floral Wedding Decor Tutorial


We have been seeing some gorgeous natural wedding decor in real weddings on the blog recently and have been so inspired to make some of our own! The end result of this tutorial could be incorporated into almost any wedding theme depending on the florals and ribbon you choose. We went with a vintage woodland vibe, choosing vintage style cotton lace edging, white roses and persimmon berries. We are also using corsage stems, which are a great tool when working with white roses or any other flowers that tend to droop and turn brown when out of water for long periods of time.

These awesome little cotton and wire stems are highly absorbent and will keep the blossoms fresh all day with the little bit of water they hold! They are a great little secret tool if you are doing any of your own florals for your wedding. Have fun!

What You’ll Need :  White Roses / Berries / Greens & Fillers / Lace Edging / Scissors / Corsage Stems / Floral Tape / Pins / Double Sided Tape / Extra Floral Wire

First, trim the stems from the base of the rose bud.   You will also want to remove any leaves or thorns from the base of the rose.  Once you have done that, wet the corsage stems appropriately and then carefully slide the wire ends of the corsage stems into the base of the rose stem.  It is easiest if you slowly twist the stem as you push it into the stem. Bending the wire of the corsage stems, carefully secure the berries you have chosen to use in their correct places, leaving extra wire for future use.

Next, using the extra wire left over, add in your selected greenery and wrap it against the other stems until it feels secure. We love drooping soft greens for this project because it adds a beautiful touch when hanging from the back of the chair. Once you have your arrangement secure and looking good, using floral tape to secure the stems in their positions at the base of your arrangement. Then trim off the excess stems at the base of the floral tape. Tie the lace edging tightly around the back of your chair. You may need to secure it in place with some clear double sided tape or glue dots if your chair is slippery. Next attach the floral piece using either a tight knot or boutonniere pins.

If you want to build out your decoration a bit more so that it has more of a natural effect,  add in some larger pieces of greenery.  We love the wispiness of these!  Lay them out to trim them to size. Then attach them with extra wire or any you have leftover from the corsage stems.

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