How to Make Perfect Floral Chair Garlands

Floral chair garlands are a lovely addition to a sweetheart table and we have even seen them done for ceremony guest chairs at small intimate weddings! If you want to make your own, the process is quick and easy. You just have to pick your flowers and ivy and follow this easy DIY tutorial for perfect floral decor for your wedding. Be sure to choose flowers that will withstand the climate and timeframe of your wedding day because you won’t want them wilting right away. It is always best to try your floral ideas out before your wedding day to make sure that everything will hold up nicely throughout the big event!

What You’ll Need :  Scissors / Floral Tape / Ivy / Mixed Blossoms

  • First, drape your greens over the chair as you wish.
  • Once you settle on a composition, use floral tape to secure the corners to keep the green in place discretely.
  • Next, trim the stems of your blossoms to about three inches.  We’ve them into your greens at the top corner of your chair and secure with tape.
  • Add in more blossoms in a cluster at the top corner, using floral tape as you go.
  • Take a step back with each addition and see how it looks from afar.
  • Add in a mix of blossoms for a full and natural feel.
  • Once your arrangement feels finished, check the stems to make sure everything is trimmed close and the tape is hidden.
  • Your final step will be to cover the tape at the other corners with small blossoms.   This will help balance your composition.


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