Kristina & Matthew’s steampunk and science bookish wedding


We’ve got our noses stuck in the book of love with this week’s theme: bookish weddings! Turn the page — I mean, scroll down — for literature-loving fun.

Photos by Matt Norris

The Offbeat Bride: Kristina, Children’s Librarian

Her offbeat partner: Matthew, High School Chemistry Teacher and Technical Director

Date and location of wedding: Charles River Museum of Industry and Innovation in Waltham, MA — October 7, 2013

Our offbeat wedding at a glance: We discussed our first month of dating that our ideal wedding would be steampunk. And we never really discussed the venue, it was just… a no brainer. We had dates there, Waltham is a steampunk City, and the museum is awesome. We wanted to have a party that would highlight my book geekiness and his science/gaming geekiness, so we combined the elements of librarianship (books on tables, book page roses, card catalog drawers and guest book) with his geek (game library and lab equipment on the guest tables and the chemistry set for the unity cocktail).

Early on I had my maid of honor create a monogram for the wedding and also create our Kraken-attacking-airship postcard save the dates. And from there the Kraken infiltrated our wedding! So we threw in some stripes (wedding party corsets, invitations), some purple (flowers, tablecloths, game cards, pashminas, and ties) and we had a theme! we asked our guests to come dressed up, and about 85% of them came dressed in costume.

YUSSS — temporary tattoo amazingness!

Tell us about the ceremony:
My father walked me down the aisle, and Matt’s mom walked him down the aisle, too. We wrote our vows and my favorite part of Matt’s vows follows:

I promise to make you dinner if you promise to clean the dishes. I promise to do the laundry if you clean the dishes. I promise to clean the litter box if you clean the dishes. Really, I just don’t like cleaning dishes, and I’ll do whatever you want if you just clean the dishes. But I promise that I will do the dishes if you want me to.

We asked one of my close friends to officiate the ceremony and she wrote some beautiful passages that combined love and science and perfectly complemented our “quote readings.” We pulled five shorter quotes that we typed up on the manual typewriter and wrapped around a spool with ribbon and gears. The response to all readings was “So say we all,” Battlestar

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