High-Fashion Flower Girls: Spring


We didn’t have a flower girl at our wedding (sadly). But my soul sister of a little girl was four at the time, and showed up to the wedding in an absurdly awesome outfit. She picked out red cowboy boots, a white dress with rosebuds on it, and an enormous pink hair flower. That kiddo was one of my favorite parts of the day.
I joke that this child should be a little-girl stylist. She’s always my pick for best dressed at a party, partly because her fashion is so out-there for a kid. Her mom thinks her fashion choices are a little nuts, but she’s allowed to dress herself.

When little girls are concerned, our culture is still traditional, and a little patriarchally protective. There are perimeters of appropriate for girls, and even stricter perimeters of appropriate for flower girls. Not only does it lead to a lot of tiny stiff taffeta dresses at otherwise outside of the box weddings, it’s also limiting for the kids themselves. Because sure, some little girls love pink puffballs of dresses. But other little girls like making crazy fashion choices, and some little girls are tomboys, and some girls just don’t care at all.

In an effort to push the envelope on behalf of little girls everywhere, we’ve decided to make our flower girl roundups seasonal. (You can see our winter roundup here.) Since I was the little girl who liked both pink taffeta and out-there fanciness, this roundup I’m covering the femme-y choices—from hip to outlandish. Consider these picks as being in honor of my soul sister little one (and Quinoa). Next week, Lucy will be covering some tomboy choices, in an effort to bring last fall’s tomboy flower girl roundup into fruition as a real life trend. (Send us pictures!) But first, bear with me for the stand-up ruffles and general absurdity. It’s possible I have a (now) medium sized girl to shop for.

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